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Here at Drain Doctor we are always looking to be one step ahead of our competitors to ensure that our customers not only get the best service, but get the right team with the right tools for the job.

Which is why we have just taken stock of a brand new Gutter vacuum Unit that can reach up to a height of 12m and hold up to a capacity of 75 litres making it ideal for the homes and businesses we serve!




In the first few weeks of serving our customers with our new gutter cleaning service, we’ve been asked a very common question, “What is causing my gutters to become blocked?”

Now obviously there are a number of things that can cause gutters to clog and block, but the two most common reasons are explained below:

  • Excess debris gathers and absorbs water that when freezes, adds extra weight to the guttering and can cause it to break off the wall brackets resulting in an expensive emergency repair.
  • Debris jamming the stackpipe inlet causes melting snow/excess rain to pour over the sides and down the wall resulting in external damage and potential damp issues inside.

Winter is all about taking precautions, and prevention is of course always better than repair! You anti-freeze your car washer,  have the salt ready for the driveway and have the boiler checked ready for winter – so why would your guttering and drainpipes be any different?

What really makes us stand out in this field, is that we can offer this service on the same day we are there to unblock your drains, which may have blocked due to excess debris from the gutters flowing down the stack at this time of year.

To add further value to our visit, not only can we clean your gutters using this powerful vac, but we can also power jet and CCTV the line and stackpipes showing you this and guaranteeing all is clear – and that is what makes us the number 1 company in drain clearing throughout Glasgow and the north.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve had your guttering cleared, or even if you’ve never had it done, now is the perfect time before the snow comes to have them seen to, remove excess weight and make sure that when the snow melts it will drain seamlessly into the drainage system and be a weight off your mind.

Our December offer is a £100 reduction off our price giving you a total of £250 +VAT for your guttering/stackpipes and rainwater drains to be vacuum/jetted and inspected via CCTV to know you’re ready for the wet winter ahead.

So contact us today, and prepare for winter the Drain Doctor way!

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