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Drain Doctor Glasgow now offer gutter cleaning as part of our cleaning, unblocking and repair services.

As we all know, our gutters are something that we take totally for granted until something goes wrong. When gutters aren’t cleaned or treated, over time they often become clogged and blocked with leaves, moss and other natural or artificial debris which can result in rainwater overflowing and collecting which inevitably leads to damage to your building such as cracks in the foundations or wood rot if left unaddressed. Luckily we’re here to help before the problem gets to this stage!


Using our powerful 3000 watt vacuum, hydro jet and CCTV camera the Drain Doctor offers the most effective gutter cleaning service on the market.

Our 3000 watt vacuum is suitable for suction in wet or dry conditions meaning we can respond to your call at any time and address the root of the blockage there and then. Our machine also has a reach capability of up to 40ft meaning we can offer our service to buildings and tenements up to 3 stories in height. We also have the tools to allow us to effectively remove moss, de-weed your gutter and deal with the most stubborn of gutter blockage causing materials.


Once we have isolated the blockage and removed the perpetrating materials, we then hydro jet your gutters and use our CCTV camera system to ensure we, and of course you, are completely satisfied that the issue has been resolved. All our vans carry this equipment giving us a unique edge on any of our competitors.

Our service is perfect for schools, care homes, domestic housing and office premises.

As this service co-insides perfectly with our blocked drain clearing business, we offer a discounted price should we already be on your premises dealing with a drainage issue.

We offer gutter cleaning across Glasgow, Falkirk and Stirling, please contact us should you wish to find out any more information.