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At this time of year, as the end of autumn approaches you’ll find that more and more fallen leaves begin to gather on your guttering and on the ground below. This creates obvious problems such as blocked guttering and slippery conditions. But what many of us don’t think about is the leaves that flow into the vertical gutter pipe, thus blocking it at its gully base and even your main drainage line. But not to worry! This week we’ve compiled a few simple tips on how to prevent blocked gutters.

Step One

The first key step is to buy any form of gutter leaf guard that you can place and fix into your guttering. The guard helps to prevent leaves from clogging the gutter which will stop the gutter from becoming blocked in the long run.

Leaf Guard


Step Two

Now, step two will involve you getting your hands dirty and pulling out the leaves that are in and around the outside drain. This will help to prevent such leaves from blocking the bottom of this drainage gully and flowing into your main waste line.



Step Three

Now the above two steps are little home efforts that will definitely help prevent leafs from causing blockages in your drainage system. However, sometimes (and especially if the leaf downpour is substantial) then you may need a little help from the professionals. This is where Drain Doctor Glasgow can help!

We will use our specialist vac to suck up the leaves from your gutter then use our high pressure hose to clear your vertical stack pipe and hose down any gutter guards. We’ll then clear out your gully, ensuring that it’s flowing properly and is clear of leaves along with any other ground vegetation.

On completion we’ll then carry out a CCTV inspection of your pipework to guarantee that it is blockage free and flowing as it should from start to finish.


Summary and Concluding Tips

So, to recap:

  • 1. Use gutter guards
  • 2. Clear leafs from ground drainage gully
  • 3. Call DRAIN DOCTOR GLASGOW to arrange a specialist gutter and drainage clearance
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