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With more and more people layering up there is no doubt that the winter‘s coming. However, human beings are not the only ones affected by the cold weather, our houses also struggle to keep up with the dropping temperature. For us winter is just another layer of cloths but our pipes could suffer serious damage if we are not prepared to provide them with the maintenance needed. So with this in mind, here are some tips on how to prevent frozen pipes to make sure your home makes it through the winter with you!

How to prepare your pipes for the winter

Protecting pipes is not as hard as it sounds at first. If you are not prepared to do it yourself feel free to ask Drain Doctor Glasgow for help. Most of the tools and accessories needed here are also available in your local plumbing store.

So, if you have taps outside of the building the first thing to do is insulate them. Wrap them around with the suitable material. This method prevents them from freezing. It’s important to note that underground pipes are buried to a minimum depth of just under a metre so this provides the protection it needs from frost.

Look after your boiler

Looking after your boiler when the winter comes is one of the most important parts of your winter preparation. Most of the modern boilers are well designed and thus require less care than the older ones, but they still need to be maintained to work properly and serve you in the long run at the lowest possible maintenance cost. If you have a new condensing boiler it could freeze up and fail in really cold conditions. To avoid this, make sure the condense pipe that feeds the boiler is well insulated.

You can also set the boiler to low a temperature and keep it running continuously. This method will keep warm water circulating through the system that will prevent your pipes from freezing. Most people think this a more costly method, however keeping a constant heat within your house actually uses less energy than heating up your home from the cold all the time.

React fast to save money

This period of the year comes with falling leaves and various blockages in your pipes and drains – this can cause problems. It’s important that you respond these problems as fast as you can, as the more you wait the bigger the damage could be. It’s always best to call for help when faced with drain blockages. Sometimes these problems can occur in the middle of the night or even over the weekend when you least expect it. But not to worry! Drain Doctor Glasgow is here to help 24/7 with our emergency plumbing services.

Saty tuned for Part 2 in this series where we share some tips on what to do when faced with frozen pipes.

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