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A blocked toilet – almost everyone’s worst nightmare. When a blockage such as this occurs it can lead to water and waste overflowing over the toilet rim and onto the floor below –something that you DO NOT want happening in your bathroom.

So, in order to avoid this misfortune, we’ve compiled a list of a few simple steps to help you whilst you wait for one of our Drain Doctor Technicians to arrive at your home and fix the problem.

Step One

The first key point to note with a blocked toilet is NOT to flush it. By flushing it you dramatically increase the chances of  water overflowing out of the bowl. Toilets are designed to hold at least one flush of the toilet cistern, and chances are you’ll have only noticed the toilet was blocked once you flushed it to find that the waste wasn’t going away – so DO NOT flush it again. Instead, give us a call and move on to the below steps.

Picture of Toilet:

Blocked toilet


Step Two

In order to guarantee that the blocked toilet will not be flushed (by guests and children etc.) until a Drain Doctor technician arrives, you should cut off the water supply to the toilet via the isolation valve. This valve is normally located at the back left or right of the toilet on the pipework that feeds the toilet cistern.

An isolation valve looks like this:

Shout off valve


Step Three

Now the above two steps are fool proof in stopping your toilet from overflowing providing the toilet in question is the first in line. If you live in a block of flats or a house in which the storey above has a toilet that feeds into the same line, then you only have one real option – to contact and get Drain Doctor Glasgow out to your property as soon as possible. This is highly necessary because if the other toilets are flushed and the blocked toilet is on the same line, then there is a high chance that your toilet will overflow and will thus be out of your control. But don’t panic! We can solve the problem in no time once we’ve arrived.

Summary and concluding tips

So to recap, after noticing your toilet is blocked the keys points of action are to:

  1. NOT flush the toilet
  2. Isolate the water supply to the toilet
  3. Call DRAIN DOCTOR GLASGOW straight away




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