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As the first signs of summer eventually start to roll in and with the World Cup fast approaching, we’re all starting to dream of lazy summer afternoons and evenings camped round the BBQ devouring meat and sipping on our favourite ice cold beverages.

The grass is cut, the patio’s swept clear of the remnants of another autumn and winter and we’re all set to dawn our chef hat and apron and get impressing all those who visit with a display of grilled culinary delights. The last thing we need is a smelly, blocked drain ruining the ambience with a constant lingering odour that would have the paint peeling off the walls!

To help all our customers avoid such a situation and to leave them enjoying the summer sunshine with the smell of fresh grass and the aroma of a stacked BBQ filling the air unhindered, here at Drain Doctor Glasgow we’ve put together a quick 5 point list that you can use as a checklist to ensure your drains aren’t on their way to disrupting the tranquillity and wreaking havoc on your long awaited summer party.

1. Monitor the waste that you put into your drains – as with just about everything in life, prevention is better than cure. Be careful with what you put down your drains; in the kitchen ensure that food and oil wastage is disposed of in a bin and plates are well scrapped before rinsing or placing in the dishwasher, in the bathroom avoid allowing hair and personal sanitary items from flowing down the drain with the water and outside the house keep you drainage areas free from leaves, compost and other debris. If you have any guards missing from your drain ways or gullies be sure to get them replaced.


Keep Sinks Clear to Avoid blockages

2. Don’t overload with washing powder – overloading your washing machines and dishwashers with detergents will greatly increase your chances of getting a blocked drain. As the excess powder solidifies, flow area decreases and blockages occur. As an extra precaution, we recommend using capsules which help eliminate this threat.

3. Keep an eye on your children’s and animal’s toys – As well as the everyday obvious objects that can lead to a drain blockage, you’d be surprised at the amount of larger foreign objects that we see leading to blocked drains in Glasgow. What may seem like an ordinary drain to us adults can often be an area of inquisition or disposal for children. You’ve noticed your water started taking slightly longer to drain the day your child’s toy appeared to disappear? This could be the early sign of a blocked drain caused by this very object. After all kids will be kids!

4. Use a drain cleaner intermittently – Sometimes a bit of a clog in your drain is hard to prevent, but this can be dealt with before it causes a completely blocked drain. There are plenty of off the shelf drain un-blockers that you can find in your local shop but be careful when using these as they often contain highly dangerous chemicals. Alternatively there are also a number of regular domestic items that could be used – baking soda is one effective method. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the effected drain followed by 3 cups of boiling water and repeat until the blockage has cleared. Regardless of what method you use always rinse thoroughly.

5. Check manhole and drain covers to ensure water is flowing freely – if you suspect you have a blocked drain, have a look at your water flow by checking beneath a drain or manhole cover. The flow of the water here is a great indication of how well your drains are clearing. If you have a blocked drain, flow here will be greatly reduced.


Poorly Maintained Drains can Cause Havoc

The methods above will help to ensure your drains remain clear and blockage free. Regardless of precautionary methods taken however a blocked drain can obviously still occur. If you have an issue with your drain that you would like investigated by an expert, please contact us today. We are available 24/7 and don’t charge any call out fee.

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