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There are many instances where you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t turn off the water inside or even outside your house. But don’t panic, it’s easier to fix than you think. We’ve broken down the instructions into a few helpful tips so you can resolve the issue quickly and sufficiently.

Step One

Before you look for the stopcock valve to turn the water off, first turn on all the taps inside the property so as to slow down the water pressure. This lowers the pressure in the pipes and will help to slow down your leak giving you vital time to locate the stopcock. (Most properties should have a stopcock valve that controls the mains water entering the property.) This is normally located on the ground level, usually under the kitchen sink.

This should be your first point of check, after turning on all the taps. However, it is not uncommon for the stop valve to be found underneath the sink in a downstairs bathroom – you should check here if you can’t locate it in the kitchen.

If you still can’t locate the valve, don’t panic it’ll be there somewhere! There have been times where we have come across stop valves that are enclosed behind the partition wall at the front door. In this case there is usually an access flap that you can swing round to gain access.

A stopcock valve normally looks like this:

Stopcock Valve

Step Two

Once the stopcock valve is located inside your property at any of these locations, then simply turn it CLOCKWISE by hand until it won’t turn anymore. This will turn the water off to your appliances. If the water doesn’t turn off after you have done this then it’s more than likely that your valve has seized due to time – this is when you should look to turning the water off from outside your property.

Step Three

So, if you’ve tried to locate the valve inside your property but it’s nowhere to be seen or you’ve found the valve but it’s seized – then it’s time to search outside for the water toby (essentially the mains water shut off point).

 A shut off valve looks like this:

Water toby

It will either be circular (as shown above) or square. In order to turn off the water supply you will have to use a water key and turn it 180 degrees clockwise until the water supply cuts off. A water key (shown below) is essential for this step, you can find them at your local B&Q or equivalent.

Water key

Step Four

Now, if you find that the water toby has also seized due to time then don’t panic! Just keep all taps flowing in your property to ease the pressure and call Drain Doctor Glasgow, we’ll will arrive as quick as possible to fix the leak and ensure that there is no further water damage.

And if you’re successful in shutting off the mains water supply then you can breathe a sigh of relief whilst you call Drain Doctor Glasgow who will arrive to take care of the rest.

Summary and concluding tips

To recap, after attempting to shut of the water supply from either inside or outside your property without success, call Drain Doctor Glasgow immediately and we’ll be there as quickly as possible to deal with the problem.

It’s also important to maintain the stopcock valve, whether there has been an issue with it or not. We recommend turning off your supply at least once a month from the stopcock valve and/or the water toby. This will prevent any seizing in the future – making it easier to shut off in an emergency.

We also recommend that you give Drain Doctor a call to come out to your property where we can carry out a free home survey report of your pipework to check the stop valves and to advise you on installing localised shut off valves at keys points such as pipework feeding sinks, baths, toilets, washing machines, radiators etc. so that in the event of a leak you know where exactly to turn the water off easily at the troubled area using a screwdriver. Shut off valves can also be found at B&Q and similar stores.

A shut off valve looks like this:

Shout off valve

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